80120 Red Glossy PVC Vinyl

Red 80120 PVC Vinyl Printable Self Adhesive is a high-quality self-adhesive vinyl designed for printing and labeling purposes. With its vibrant red color, this PVC vinyl offers a bold and eye-catching appearance. It is printable, allowing for customization and creative designs. The self-adhesive backing ensures easy application to various surfaces.

Short Introduction
Self adhesive vinyl consists of PVC film, pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive and PE-coated kraft paper is mainly for digital printing, offers an ultra-smooth, printable surface optimized for ink consumption. Our self adhesive vinyl is available in a full range of widths up to 1.52m, which covers short term for promotion, medium and long-term usage. It also includes special products like translucent vinyl for light box,stickers and appointed vinyl for small labels, etc.

Products Description

Product Name

80120 Self Adhesive PVC Vinyl

Item No.



Glossy / Matte

Glue Type


PVC film thickness

80 mic

Release paper

120 gsm

Printing Ink

Eco solvent, Solvent, UV, Latex

PVC Color



0.914/1.07/1.27/1.37/1.52 M


Export Carton


1. Printable Surface: The printable surface of this PVC vinyl allows for high-resolution printing, making it suitable for custom designs, logos, and graphics.

2. Vibrant Red Color: The vibrant red color of this vinyl adds a bold and attention-grabbing element to your labels or prints.

3. Self-Adhesive Backing: The self-adhesive backing ensures easy and secure application to different surfaces, providing a long-lasting hold.

4. Durable and Resistant: Made from high-quality PVC material, this vinyl is durable, waterproof, and resistant to fading, ensuring longevity.

5. Versatile Applications: Red 80120 PVC Vinyl Printable Self Adhesive is ideal for various applications, including product labeling, signage, advertising, and promotional materials.


1. Vehicle covering

2. Glass wall advertising

3. Billboard 

4. Signs and Labels

5. Exhibition decoration

6. Advertising display boards, posters, subway advertisement

  • SW-LAM019

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