180G Self Adhesive Polyester Fabric

High-tack Fabric/Wood/Linen Pattern 180um Vinyl Stickers are premium-quality adhesive stickers designed for various surfaces, including fabric, wood, and linen. With a thickness of 180 micrometers, these vinyl stickers offer durability and excellent adhesion. They feature a fabric, wood, or linen pattern that adds a unique and textured look to your projects.

Short Introduction

Self adhesive Texture PVC Stickers:

Repositionable Removable wall fabric caters to the aesthetic of young people with its advantagesof easy installation and high covering peformance.Directly sent by our factory.

Products Description

Product Name

High-tack Fabric/Wood/Linen Pattern Vinyl Stickers

Item No.



Textured PVC

Glue Type

High Tack Permanent Clear

PVC film thickness

180um PVC

Release paper

120g Liner

Printing Ink



0.914/1.07/1.27/1.37/1.52 M


Export Carton


1. High-Tack Adhesive: These vinyl stickers are equipped with a high-tack adhesive that ensures strong and long-lasting adhesion to fabric, wood, and linen surfaces.

2. Versatile Compatibility: Designed specifically for fabric, wood, and linen, these stickers adhere well to these surfaces, providing a seamless integration with your materials.

3. Durable and Resilient: Made from high-quality vinyl material, these stickers are durable, tear-resistant, and can withstand various environmental conditions.

4. Unique Patterns: The fabric, wood, or linen pattern on these stickers adds a distinctive and textured appearance, enhancing the visual appeal of your projects.

5. Easy Application: These stickers are designed for easy application and can be effortlessly peeled off and stuck onto your desired surface.


High-tack Fabric/Wood/Linen Pattern 180um Vinyl Stickers are suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

- Home decor and interior design projects

- DIY crafts and scrapbooking

- Customizing furniture or wooden items

- Labeling fabric-based products or garments

- Enhancing gift wrapping or packaging


With their high-tack adhesive, durability, and unique patterns, High-tack Fabric/Wood/Linen Pattern 180um Vinyl Stickers offer a versatile and visually appealing solution for adding decorative elements to fabric, wood, and linen surfaces.

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