Antiskid Plain Aluminum Decals Swell-TX001

Signwell SWELL-TX001 Antiskid Plain Aluminum Decals
Short Introduction
Aluminum foil material, with a certain ductility, especially suitable for uneven cement wall advertising, such as asphalt floor/rough cement floor and all kinds of anti-skid ladder, slope. This new type of frosted floor paste is suitable for various solvent, weak solvent and UV inks digital inkjet printing. According to customer needs printing processing into various specifications of text, pattern, short production cycle. Design, text never fade, and resistant to yellowing.

Products Description

Product Name

Antiskid Plain Aluminum Decals

Item No.




Glue Type

Permanent Clear

PVC film thickness

120um PVC

Release paper

120g Double-side Coating Liner

Printing Ink


PVC Film

Antiskid Plain


0.914/1.07/1.27/1.37/1.52 M


Export Carton


  • Sand spread uniform, three-dimensional sense of strong.

  • Rough surface scrub, anti-slip wear resistance, strong water resistance.

  • Aluminum foil material, good flexibility, suitable for irregular concave and convex ground.

  • Strong stickiness, good stickiness, fit without warping edge.

  • Removable glue, easy to remove, no glue residue.

  • Good weather resistance, with longer service time.


Aluminum foil floor printing is a good publicity media, simple operation, vivid color, and convenient construction, mainly suitable for uneven cement wall advertising Posting, such as rough walls, brick walls, wood and other uneven media surface.

For example, the application of color signs such as indoor ground indication signs and warning signs in high-speed trains, subway stations and airports can play a very good anti-slip role and warning effect.

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