Professional Manufacturer, Factory, and Supplier of Functional Vinyl Stickers

We are the best manufacturer of functional vinyl stickers, and our products are in high demand worldwide. Our vinyl stickers come in various types and offer a wide range of functionalities. They are made using exhaust bonding technology, ensuring bubble-free application. Whether used for automotive films or book films, they are the best choice.

Advantages of Our Products

Our functional vinyl stickers come in various types and offer different functionalities. We provide solvent, latex, and UV-curable inkjet printing for a super smooth and ultra-white printing surface. Designed for high resolution, some stickers can be formulated with flame retardants for fire-resistant applications, suitable for both indoor and outdoor advertising and fire-prone areas. We also offer mirror vinyl stickers that allow for printing of highly reflective coatings. Additionally, we have printable vinyl stickers formulated for latex use. We have developed different types of vinyl stickers for various applications.

Our Product Range:

- PVC polymer vinyl stickers

- Removable grey adhesive vinyl stickers

- Bubble-free adhesive vinyl film for advertising vehicle wraps

- Flame retardant printable bubble-free PVC adhesive vinyl stickers

- Mirror super glossy printable PVC adhesive vinyl stickers

- Latex-coated printable PVC adhesive vinyl stickers

- Highly opaque printable PVC adhesive vinyl stickers

- PVC vinyl stickers with black high-tack removable adhesive

- PVC vinyl stickers with grey removable adhesive

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