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Also known as one-sided vision or one way stickers. It is created by perforating adhesive film to form a perforated effect. Through many tiny holes, it achieves a see-through effect and is widely used on car windows, windows, and signs.

one way vision film is a digitally printable vinyl film, available in black and white. It can be used to cover painted surfaces and windows on vehicles, as well as windows in buildings. We offer a variety of large sizes and continuous graphics, which provide good lighting and sufficient sunlight while being blocked by the vinyl film.

one way vision film can be digitally printed with various patterns and logos, and can only be seen from one side. We offer OEM and ODM customization services for one way vision film.


Key features of one way vision film include:

Strong adhesion: The use of adhesive ensures that the film stays firmly in place and does not fade or peel off over time. It can withstand weather changes and remain in place for several years. It is also easy to remove in the future. This is an excellent solution.

Versatile use: It can be used on car windows, windows, convenience stores, public places, product showcases, and other areas to provide one way vision. It also supports large format printing materials, making it suitable for use in large areas.

Strong light transmission: one way vision film creates a regular perforation effect through perforation machines, allowing for sufficient light and sunlight to enter through these tiny holes.

Enhanced privacy: one way vision film provides partial visibility, allowing people inside to see outside while blocking the view from the outside. This maintains a level of privacy, making it an ideal solution for companies with transparent glass offices.

Material compatibility: Our Signwel film is compatible with various printing materials and solvents, including HP Indigo, Memjet, laser, and inkjet printing for fast and convenient printing. Whether for decoration or advertising purposes, we offer a wide range of printing options, including white and transparent printing.


Hospitals: one way vision window film is widely used in waiting areas and patient rooms to provide privacy while allowing doctors and nurses to see inside.

Vehicles: It can be used on car and bus windows, providing privacy and allowing those inside to see outside, creating a unique effect.

Homes: It can be used on windows, including bathrooms, to provide privacy while allowing natural light to enter.

Retail convenience stores: one way vision window film can be used on storefront windows and counters for advertising and privacy purposes.


What is the difference between one way vision and two-way vision?

Two-way vision can be seen from both sides, while one way vision can only be seen from one side.

What are the benefits of one way vision film?

It provides excellent privacy features, allowing visibility from one side while the other side cannot see inside. It also offers the opportunity for cost-effective brand promotion, as it serves as excellent advertising space.

It is easy to replace: If there is new advertising content or promotions, the old film can be easily removed without leaving any residue.

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