Professional Manufacturer, Supplier, and Factory of Self-Adhesive PP Stickers

Choose high-quality self-adhesive PP stickers (polypropylene stickers) from us. These stickers are known for their advantages of being wrinkle-resistant and highly performant, with excellent flexibility. They offer great clarity, stability, and are waterproof, without the use of PVC.

Our Product Categories

We offer a wide range of products, with various materials and colors:

- Dye PP sticker matte

- Dye PP sticker glossy

- WR PP sticker matte

- Eco-SOL PP sticker matte

- Dye Matt PP Film

- Dull Matt PP/PVC composite banner

- Dull Matt PP/PVC banner grey black

- Matt PET Roll Up Banner Grey

- Dye Glossy photo paper

- Honeycomb reflective flexible banner

- White electrostatically adsorbed ethylene-based

- Transparent electrostatically adsorbed ethylene-based

PP sticker


- Water-based adhesive

- Solvent-based adhesive


- Rolls

- Sheets


Self-adhesive PP stickers exhibit excellent performance and can be used for signage, billboards, display banners, window signs, plastic bottles, glass, and more. They provide effective protection, high strength, and scratch resistance.

Standard Sizes

- Surface: Matte, glossy

- Glue type: Water-based permanent

- Film thickness: 100um PP, 135um PP, 165um PP, 145um PP, 115um polypropylene

- Release paper: 12um PET, 15um PET

- Printing Ink: Dye, pigment, eco-solvent printer

- Sizes: 0.914m, 1.07m, 1.27m, 1.52m

- Packaging: Export carton

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