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Signwell produces self-adhesive PVC vinyl sticker rolls, which can be directly used to make all kinds of stickers for a wide range of uses, which can be used for car decoration, business activities, daily occasions, walls, bed stickers, advertising stickers, office building stickers and so on.

The PVC vinyl stickers we produce consist of 3 parts, consisting of 1 layer of PVC film, a layer of adhesive, and a layer of kraft paper. We offer a variety of different finishes on the surface, including glossy, pearl white, gray adhesive, clear, window frosted finish, and different finishes such as printable reflective vinyl and honeycomb reflective vinyl.

Our products are available in different types of finishes to suit different environments, and our products are long-lasting and resistant to corrosion and acids. They can be used in rain, wind, cold temperatures, sleet, snow, and other weather conditions and are strong enough to last at least 1-3 years.


Our types of PVC vinyl sticker rolls:

We produce both single-sided and double-sided self-adhesive, printable vinyl sticker rolls our main products mainly produce self-adhesive vinyl rolls, color vinyl, one way vision, cold laminating film, window frosted finishes, and so on.

We produce a wide variety of black vinyl sticker rolls, translucent and clear vinyl sticker rolls, holographic, white vinyl sticker rolls, wood vinyl sticker rolls, glitter, wall decals, matte finishes, orange finishes, and many other varieties. Our factory supports OEM and ODM customized production and will give you sample information and quotations according to your requirements.


Our product application:

It can be used for bus station decal decoration, bus station advertisement, and indoor decoration.

For commercial decoration, square decoration

Holiday decorations, doors, windows, and wall decorations

Car decal vinyl, bus, cab, police car decoration, etc.

Menus, labels, picture framing, book bags, desktops, and other decorations


Advantages of our products

Easy to install and use: It can be pasted in more places, such as on glass metal, and wood, and can be more convenient to paste and remove. And very simple, so because of its convenience and speed, will be popular in the world, and can tear off the stickers will not leave stains, and clean up is very simple.

LONG LIFE: We produce high-quality PVC vinyl sticker rolls, which can be firmly adsorbed, no matter in hot or cold weather climates, or snow and rain, there is no need to worry about the sticker falling off because our stickers have excellent performance, which can make the vinyl sticker use for up to 5 years.

THE BEST DISPLAY TOOL: PVC vinyl stickers are the most cost-effective and convenient option than traditional advertising stickers, no matter where you insert your advertisement, PVC vinyl stickers can always achieve the effect you want quickly and cost-effectively.


What are the benefits of PVC vinyl stickers?

Vinyl stickers have many advantages over other stickers, they are more durable and fade, scratch, UV waterproof, and tear-resistant, and can be used in more places, not only for commercial and interior decorations but also for buses, cabs, and other decorations.

Vinyl decals are waterproof, can withstand temperatures up to 75 degrees, are coated with flame retardants, and can be used for outdoor applications.


What is the difference between vinyl decals and stickers?

Paper stickers come off easily when exposed to substances such as water are not very easy to use and are no longer used in most applications.

With vinyl stickers, it is easier to achieve longevity and durability. Vinyl stickers are easy to peel and stick.

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